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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Eleven Months

Eleven months old this week! Olivia is growing fast and we have started planning that big one year birthday party! Lots of new changes this month!

She is eating all table food, no more baby food for this girl! And, she is quite the little beggar, too! She is eating everything in sight. The only food she will not touch is peas. We can't get her to try any cups. I have tried several types and several different drinks off and on for months, but she is extremely attached to her bottle.

Olivia is standing alone. She can go from sitting to standing all by herself in the middle of the room. No  help is needed from furniture. She thinks she is "so big" and claps her hands every time she does it! Olivia is also walking along furniture and can walk with someone holding her hands. It will be just a few short weeks until she takes off on her own! Then we are really in trouble! That is because this girl has no fear! She has no problem with throwing herself headfirst off of furniture. She tries to climb on and over everything, especially trying to get what she wants. She tries to climb out of her high chair and the grocery carts. She is our little daredevil and will be the one standing on her toes so she can ride the roller coasters at Walt Disney World!

She has started putting together a few syllables to make meaningful "words." Mama and Da-da are definitely said quite a bit. We hear "uh-oh" a lot! She will even say "ee" for Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

She is such a blessing to all of us and we love her so much!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Disney Cruise Line in Texas!

The Disney Magic® is currently sailing out of Galveston, Texas. That means Mickey Mouse is only a five hour drive away instead of nineteen! We just got back from a quick four night cruise. We took six of our top agents from our agency, Off to Neverland Travel®. Hannah loved having six "aunts" around and we loved getting to know each of them a little better. We also got some work done, too! :)

It was a quick trip but definitely a blast! This cruise was just a teaser for our longer one in a few months. We are already counting down the days!

Love that Daddy! Absolutely love this picture!

Little Princess Cinderella

Pirate night

Hannah looks so old in this picture!