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Monday, September 28, 2009

Fun Projects

Chet headed to Kansas and California this weekend for three different speaking engagements, so that meant I needed to get out my paintbrush! Chet is going to stop leaving me at home since something is different every he leaves! He arrived back home today and had a great trip.

This time I worked on the office. We were both tired of the blue. It didn't go with the rest of the house and was just too dark. So we decided to go with yellow! It looks so much better and even works with the colors of our travel logo.

Here is my kitchen that I painted red last month.
The Office

Hannah's desk
Please excuse Hannah's (or Pebble's) hair.
She had just had a nap and I just didn't want to mess with it.
All this was done in between a quick trip to Oklahoma City this weekend. My grandmother suffered a stroke Thursday morning. She is doing better, but please keep her in your prayers as she continues to recover and starts rehab.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Visit with the Mouse

and not Mickey Mouse this time! This weekend we headed to Chuck-E-Cheese for the first time (as parents) to celebrate our niece and nephew's birthdays. It is quite a different experience going to this crazy place as adults with our own children. Hannah had a great time. She fell in love with the giant animatronic Chuck-E-Cheese and begged any one who would to take her closer. Of course, Poppa and Nana were very happy to do so!
The giant mouse even trumped the excitement of eating pizza for the first time!
Maddyn testing her birthday cake.
Hannah and cousin Maddyn
Hannah's favorite ride: a tractor with Bob the Builder.
We used most of our tokens on this ride!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Time for School!

So, I thought it would be fun to take a picture of Hannah every year on her first day of school in front of our front door. Hannah had other plans! She was so excited that morning, that in every picture that I took, she was a little blur! We'll try again next year!
She had a great time at school. Her teacher said she did awesome! She loved singing the songs (no surprise there!) and had a great time painting and playing. She was glad to see me at the end of the day but was much more interested in showing me her "tookie" that she was eating for a snack. She is going to love going to school this year!

Here's a couple of pics from Meet the Teacher night a few weeks ago.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Baltimore, Part 2

Hannah enjoying our room service dinner one night.
We had the entire day on Sunday to play before heading home Monday. We spent most of the morning at the National Aquarium (the glass building below is just part of it). Hannah loves 'ish (fish) and turtles and discovered a new love: dol' (dolphins). She ran between exhibits proclaiming wow!
Taking a break on the glass bridge between buildings.
Bubbles! These were just too exciting to leave!
Watching the dolphins swim under water before heading up to see the show.

The rest of the day we walked around and explored the Harbour. The Inner Harbour is neighbor to the Little Italy section of Baltimore, so we headed that way and found some great Italian food for dinner!

During this trip, Hannah has learned how to hold hands with her Daddy. They will walk hand in hand just about anywhere. So sweet!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Good Morning Baltimore..."

(Yes, we did wake up singing that song every day!) We had a great trip to Baltimore last week. We loved staying in the Inner Harbour. Our hotel was within walking distance of so many great attractions, rich history, and beautiful scenery. Chet had a wonderful response at the conference and we are hopeful for many great opportunities to come out of it.

The majority of the trip, Chet was stationed at his table. Hannah and I would visit him some, and then head back to the hotel for her naps. We were so thankful to have a hotel right across the street especially with the rainy weather!
Saturday afternoon, we packed up the table, and then headed to the B&O Railroad Museum. Hannah loves all things that move right now, especially "choo-choos." (She was especially fascinated with the plane taking off and landing this time!)

The museum is housed in a roundhouse with just about any type of train. As you can see here, Hannah is just as excited about jumping back and forth over the tracks as she is to see the trains!
We were even able to ride a train down the first mile of track.

The Harbour was so peaceful and serene (except for the occassional cannon blast from the old sailing/ war ships). This is a lighthouse built in 1851. Hannah loved watching the boats sailing in and out of the harbour and the many birds who aren't afraid to join you at the table when eating dinner!

Hannah watching the ducks with sound effects from Dad.
More pictures to come later!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Are you ready for some football?

Today we took advantage of cheap tickets to visit the new Dallas Cowboys' stadium and to see our alma mater, Trinity High School, play. The stadium is incredible and the Trojans played an awesome game! Hannah was decked out with school spirit. The crowds and noises of a high school game were a little overwhelming at first. But she got into it later, especially when she learned that football games mean snacks!