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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Good Morning Baltimore..."

(Yes, we did wake up singing that song every day!) We had a great trip to Baltimore last week. We loved staying in the Inner Harbour. Our hotel was within walking distance of so many great attractions, rich history, and beautiful scenery. Chet had a wonderful response at the conference and we are hopeful for many great opportunities to come out of it.

The majority of the trip, Chet was stationed at his table. Hannah and I would visit him some, and then head back to the hotel for her naps. We were so thankful to have a hotel right across the street especially with the rainy weather!
Saturday afternoon, we packed up the table, and then headed to the B&O Railroad Museum. Hannah loves all things that move right now, especially "choo-choos." (She was especially fascinated with the plane taking off and landing this time!)

The museum is housed in a roundhouse with just about any type of train. As you can see here, Hannah is just as excited about jumping back and forth over the tracks as she is to see the trains!
We were even able to ride a train down the first mile of track.

The Harbour was so peaceful and serene (except for the occassional cannon blast from the old sailing/ war ships). This is a lighthouse built in 1851. Hannah loved watching the boats sailing in and out of the harbour and the many birds who aren't afraid to join you at the table when eating dinner!

Hannah watching the ducks with sound effects from Dad.
More pictures to come later!

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  1. That picture of her with her hand on her mouth is absolutely precious! Love it!


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