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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Baltimore, Part 2

Hannah enjoying our room service dinner one night.
We had the entire day on Sunday to play before heading home Monday. We spent most of the morning at the National Aquarium (the glass building below is just part of it). Hannah loves 'ish (fish) and turtles and discovered a new love: dol' (dolphins). She ran between exhibits proclaiming wow!
Taking a break on the glass bridge between buildings.
Bubbles! These were just too exciting to leave!
Watching the dolphins swim under water before heading up to see the show.

The rest of the day we walked around and explored the Harbour. The Inner Harbour is neighbor to the Little Italy section of Baltimore, so we headed that way and found some great Italian food for dinner!

During this trip, Hannah has learned how to hold hands with her Daddy. They will walk hand in hand just about anywhere. So sweet!

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  1. Long time follower, first time to comment. The hand holding brought tears to my eyes, how beautiful!


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