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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Now that school is out for the summer, we are going to try to do at least one outing a week to experience some fun and different things around town.  We live in such a large city with so much to do, yet, we haven't done much more than the zoo with Hannah.

Today, we headed to the Dallas Arboretum.  They are having a fun exhibit right now with Fairytale Castles and Peter Rabbit's village.  It was such a beautiful day to be outside.  Hannah loved walking through the castles and the houses in village that were made of flowers.

My favorite picture from the day!  Hannah has a habit of not looking at the camera if I ask her to smile.  I was able to snag this with the promise of a Cherry Limeade from Sonic, her favorite treat!

We'd love some different ideas and suggestions for fun things to do around Dallas/ Fort Worth with little ones (as well as friends to join us!).

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Walt Disney World Highlights

As always, we had a wonderful time in Walt Disney World last week, maybe, even more so than usual.  This was a much needed time for us to get away and reconnect as a family, to recharge, and to escape from the reality of life. 

Hannah received this Cheshire cat as a gift from Alice in Wonderland. We were waiting for the afternoon parade, and a few cast members brought this to her, telling her that Alice wanted her to have it.  Definitely made our day, and especially Hannah's.  She showed her cat to everyone, proud to say that Alice gave it to her.

Love this picture!

Of course, we saw all of our friends, including the princesses.

We rode all of our favorite rides, plus a few "new" ones.  Hannah rode Splash Mountain for the first time.  She is finally tall enough for it.  We couldn't get her to ride the whole week until we decided we could do one more ride before we needed to leave.  She was so brave and only cried a few tears of relief after the last drop.  She proudly tells everyone now that she rode "the big hill!"
Disney always has beautiful landscaping, but this time of year is no exception.  Epcot hosts a Flower and Garden Festival every spring and this was my first time to go.  There are beautiful flower arrangements, a butterfly house, and topiaries of several favorite characters throughout the parks.

Hannah keeps telling us that she wants to ride "it's a small world" tomorrow.  Or maybe she'd like to go to Disneyland tomorrow.  Or tomorrow we'll go watch the Tinker Bell parade. She keeps telling me to fix the countdown so she can take off the circles so it will be time to go again.  If only it were that easy!  :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

School Program Follies

We made it back from Walt Disney World (pictures coming soon) just in time for Hannah's end of the year program and last day of school.  She loves singing and dancing and did a great job in her program this year... until she saw me taking a picture!  After that, she clammed up.  Sounds a little bit like last year's program.  Next year, we'll try to hide a little better and maybe she'll make it through the entire program!

Playing her trombone before she spotted us.

Walking out at the end of the program... this look means,
"Mom, I can't believe you are taking my picture again!"

Hannah and her best friend.  They are the only little girls in their class (for the second year!).  She is not going to be at the school next year and will definitely be missed.  Hannah may be ruling the class as the only girl next year!