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Friday, May 13, 2011

School Program Follies

We made it back from Walt Disney World (pictures coming soon) just in time for Hannah's end of the year program and last day of school.  She loves singing and dancing and did a great job in her program this year... until she saw me taking a picture!  After that, she clammed up.  Sounds a little bit like last year's program.  Next year, we'll try to hide a little better and maybe she'll make it through the entire program!

Playing her trombone before she spotted us.

Walking out at the end of the program... this look means,
"Mom, I can't believe you are taking my picture again!"

Hannah and her best friend.  They are the only little girls in their class (for the second year!).  She is not going to be at the school next year and will definitely be missed.  Hannah may be ruling the class as the only girl next year!

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