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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

All is Well

I just wanted to drop in to say that all is well. We had a bit of a scare last week and wound up spending the night at the hospital. Joni was having early labor signs, and it turned out to be a kidney stone that was causing the labor. She said it actually wasn't all that bad, and only experienced some initial pain. We we're both very relieved to hear that Hannah wasn't arriving that night...although it would have been amazing...we're not quite ready with preparations at home, etc.

My time at Winterfest in Arlington was a blast, and I really enjoyed getting to tell part of my story. Jeff Walling is one of my heroes, and my sister was star-struck just being around him. (You can tell what Church of Christ "Nerds" we are... :) ) I'm excited to be going to Gatlinburg in a few weeks to get to do the same talk...twice this time. There's more in the works as far as me speaking in various places, but I'll fill you in when I get more details.


  1. Glad to hear all is going well!! We went through the exact same thing with the kidney stones! I KNOW its painful.
    Can't wait to see Hannah! Give each other a hug for us!

  2. I'm glad y'all are okay. That's got to be scary though! Hang in there. Hannah will be here before you know it!


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