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Friday, April 25, 2008

"Looking More Like Herself"

Hannah turned 7 weeks old yesterday and as our cousin describes it, "She is looking more like herself." She has lost much of the newborn look. She is smiling and "talking" more and more each day. We are settling into a routine (as much as possible with a new baby!) and even Radar has decided that she isn't so bad to have around!


  1. She is so cute! I love the picture of her looking at the bug. Priceless!

  2. I wish we could be there to celebrate God's new gift, Hannah, with you. Jennifer and I are finding out more each day how hard it is to find good friends like you two.

    BTW, does Hannah know yet that she is a palindrome? When she figures is out, she can use it to impress the other little tykes...I bet she gets that from Radar.

    "May a moody baby doom a yam?"
    What?...Try it backwards, I say!

    God's blessings to you both.

  3. she is a doll! so glad you are bloging. I am gonna add you to my blog roll so I can see what yall are up to often!

  4. Hey Chet, Its michelle. Your dad told me about your blog. I have one as well. Hannah is so Cute!!!
    I hope I am able to come see her sometime...maybe this summer.
    Love you guys!


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