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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Big Fish, Bows, and Bumbo Seats

Big Fish
This week was our first time to go to Summer Spectacular (VBS) at Richland Hills. It was incredible! This year the story was Jonah, A Whale of a Tale. Hannah even went to class for the first time. She loved it and even cried yesterday when everyone left. Everyone who registered got a free T-shirt. They even had these cute little onesies for the babies!

Okay, so I really just like Hannah's expression in this picture and wanted to post it. We are having fun with all of the bows and girly things!

Bumbo Seats
Hannah is trying so hard to sit up and doesn't like lying on her back all of the time so we bought her a Bumbo Seat. It is a little chair that helps her sit up by herself. She loves it!

Radar loves Hannah!


  1. AWWW...So cute! We are having VBS here this week too and I am teaching a preschool class, so I've been pretty tired each afternoon! :o)
    Hannah is getting cuter by the day! Don't you just love having a girl and all the hair bows and accessories??? I seriously will not know what to do with a boy! :o)

  2. I never could do big bows with marissa...I love seeing baby's with them.


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