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Friday, November 21, 2008

Relaxing in Walt Disney World

Today, we ventured to Disney's Hollywood Studios. Upon arrival, Daddy and Uncle Jonathan wanted to ride the Tower of Terror, so Momma and Hannah waited outside the ride. Hannah felt the need to say a prayer after she saw Daddy leave to go on the scary ride.

We had a blast of a day, but Hannah was truly the relaxed one of the group. She fell asleep whenever and wherever she got the Uncle Jonathan's arms:

And in her stroller...

So, the problem with all that relaxation? Well, here we are at 9:45PM (WAY past her bedtime)...she thought it was playtime after all that napping!

We are having a wonderful time, and are going to Epcot, tomorrow. We're planning on hitting the rides and taking Hannah to see characters as we haven't really done that yet. Tomorrow will be an early evening as we'll need to re-pack for our Disney Cruise. See ya tomorrow, Mickey!


  1. I so wish I were there with you! Hannah looks like she's having a great time.

  2. Just one of many, many trips to WDW for this child. The other kids are going to be jealous! ;)


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