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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Dozen Ways to Pray

Several months ago, Chet was interviewed for an article in the new magazine, Purpose Driven Connection.  The writer explored how, why, and what different people pray.  He interviewed about a dozen different people and broke the article down into each of their stories.  Not too long after the interview, a photographer came to our house to take a picture of Hannah and Chet praying.

I love this picture!  Not only because it is beautiful (the scanned copy is hardly justice) and is of my family, but because it shows what an incredible father Chet is, and is a reminder of what an incredible Father we all have, who has blessed us with so much.  

The article is available here: A Dozen Ways to Pray or I believe you can purchase the magazine at WalMart.


  1. What a gorgeous picture, Joni!

  2. What a beautiful, tender photograph!

  3. That is such a great Picture of them.

  4. This picture is great, but you are so right, Joni! The magazine picture is truly awesome!

  5. What an awesome picture and article idea. I love it!


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