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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Back in Texas

We made it home late last night. It was a great trip; we got to see and do a lot of new things! Here are a few more pictures from my camera from the week:

Hannah running around the resort grounds.
She was so happy to not be on the airplane anymore!
Everything on this trip was just amazing to Hannah! We must have heard "whoa" or "wow" all day long! Here she is watching the rollercoaster take off.
Hannah fell right into the celebrity life in California. Here, she is greeting her fans by blowing kisses to those who pass by.
Hannah loved watching the parades this time! She would stand up as soon as the music came on and would start dancing and clapping.
"Mom, please no more pictures!"

Hannah has learned sign language for more. Many times on this trip, as we were coming off a ride, she would sign "more, please." She loved the rides this time. We rode "it's a small world" about six times in the three days we were there!
Hannah has decided that she really likes Winnie the Pooh during this trip!
Hannah waved to Minnie during one of the parades and Minne ran over to see her!
On the last day of our trip, we headed to our hotel to wait for the bus, and ran into Goofy! He sat next to Hannah and played for about ten minutes.
Sweet, happy girl!

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