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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Not even Mickey Mouse...

...will distract this girl from eating when we are in Disney World, but apparently trains will. We are in Kansas City, MO staying in a hotel that is connected to the Crown Center (a mall that is connected to the Hallmark Cards factory). We found a fun restaurant there where trains run all around the dining room and will even deliver your food to your table. Hannah was so enthralled with the trains that we had convince her to eat! She even learned a new words while we were there, "choo-choo". Though not the best food, it was definitely worth it for the experience!

One of the food delivery trains... it travels around the ceiling, an arm comes down knocking the food tray on to an elevator, bringing your food down to the table.
We stopped at Dairy Queen to get our traditional road trip treat, a Butterfinger blizzard. Hannah finished eating her applesauce and helped herself to the blizzard.
Hannah showing Pluto the view from our room in downtown Kansas City. We are on the 35th floor.
There is an beautiful, old train station in the same complex. Union Station was built in 1914 and has been renovated to its original beauty and is now home to a science museum, restaurants, a post office, and the Amtrak station. We didn't make there in time to anything today, but are planning to head back there tomorrow to visit a traveling exhibit on the science of the Narnia movies.

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  1. This train resturaunt sounds very cool! I know Karli would LOVE that! I would like to know the name of it. Since my parents live in Kansas, it might definitely be feasible to head on up to Kansas City sometime. Sounds like ya'll are having a grand time! Ready to be home though, huh? I dont blame you...traveling can get old after awhile! Have a safe trip!


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