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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

All is quiet at the moment...

... at least as quiet as it can be with a 17 month old! Other than a quick trip to Arkansas for Chet to speak for the Shirley ISD and another quick trip for me to Oklahoma City to visit with college friends, we have enjoyed being able to stay home and get a few things accomplished here.

Our travel business, Off to Neverland Travel, is doing great! We received word a few weeks ago that we are in the top 10 in sales for Disney in our district (which covers DFW, all of east Texas and Lousiana). November 1st will mark our two year anniversary for starting up. We are so excited about all we have accomplished so far and what we have planned for our future. In October, we head to Disney World to meet up with a several of our agents and of course, a vacation!

Chet's speaking ministry is doing wonderful, as well! He has done several events during the last few months in Arkansas, Tennesse, Kansas, and a few local ones. He heads back to Kansas, then to California, Illinois, and Nebraska in the next few months. The three of us will head to Baltimore in a few weeks for Chet to be a vendor at a Pro-Life Trade Show. Lots of exciting things happening soon! Be sure to check his website for details on his ministry:

Back at home, we are just working and playing. I have been trying to get some things done around the house. I painted our kitchen walls red a few weeks ago and plan to work on the office next. Hannah starts preschool at a local church two days a week after our Baltimore trip. She loves going to bible class at church, so we know she will do great at school! Hannah is growing and changing every day. She is learning new words all of the time. My favorites new ones right now are mimmie (Minnie Mouse) and 'nana (banana and Hannah). She figured out how to climb into chairs so nothing is safe anymore on my desk or the kitchen table. She is such a mess but so much fun!

The picture above is from today. Hannah is testing out our homemade banana frozen yogurt that we made in our new ice cream maker.

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