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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Character Fun

Hannah has decided that hanging out with the characters is a lot of fun! She gets so excited if we see anyone out, so much so, that Chet and I spent the day looking for more to visit. Hannah runs up to them, gives them a hug (saying "awwww" herself, like all grownups do when kids do something sweet), and will sometimes blow a kiss. Minnie is definitely her favorite. She gets so excited to see her! Here, she is playing with Minnie and Pluto. Hannah told Minnie to sit next to her and they had a little party for a few minutes!
Chip and Dale
Blowing kisses to Pluto
Giving Mickey a kiss on the nose.
Here is a video of Hannah with Tigger and Pooh (this is to indulge the grandparents!).

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