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Saturday, February 13, 2010

There is no place like home...

We spent the week in Johnson, Kansas, not too far from Dorothy's home in Liberal. It was quite the experience! Johnson is a very small town, only one square mile, but full of friendly people! Chet spoke three times; once in a church, at the high school, and for their pro-life banquet.

Hannah, as usual, was really the star of the show. She won over everyone and loved being the center of attention. She has really started hamming it up for the camera. Anytime she sees one, she will point to it and say "Cheese!" and will not stop until you take a picture.

At the high school, showing off before the kids came in.
We came home last night to beautiful snow. Hannah has been asking for snow since it snowed on Christmas and was so excited when I said we could go play.

And while there is no place like home, we are so excited to be going to our second home (and much warmed weather) next week! As Hannah would say, we are going to "Isny World!"

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