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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Play-doh Creations

Things have been really quiet this summer! We have been able to stay home except for a few quick trips here and there. It will all start picking up again the first of September, so we are enjoying these last few weeks at home. We have also started potty training and have only had one accident so far today!

Since it has been so hot lately, we have had to creative and find some fun things to do inside. This week, we have been playing with Play-doh. Hannah loves it! She played for several hours this morning! We have also been enjoying Nana and Poppa's pool in the evenings when it starts to cool down some! Hannah loves splashing and swimming and is brave enough to jump off the side of the pool into my arms. Two weeks ago was the first time she had been in a big pool since she was an infant!

Here are just some pictures from playing this week. I love how her expression changes from picture to picture!

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