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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Keynotes and School

Last weekend, Chet was invited (along with his dad) to be the keynote speaker at one of the general sessions of the CareNet conference. CareNet is a gathering of the administrators of pregnancy centers across the nation. Chet speaks at many of their fundraising events throughout the year, so this was a great opportunity for him to share his story and make new contacts. They did an awesome job, of course! Chet even had Hannah come up on stage at the very end for the first time ever. She did great until she realized that 1300 people were watching her!
The conference is held at different locations every year. Last year, we went to Baltimore. Next year it is in Orlando! :) This year, it was held at the Gaylord Texan Hotel which is only about thirty minutes from our house. We loved being able to participate but still sleep in our own bed. The Gaylord is a beautiful hotel with many fun things to do when a two year old is tired of sitting at the booth. Hannah also discovered how much fun escalators can be! We have never been on one with her before since we always need the elevator. There were escalators in the exhibit hall that occupied much of our time.

Escalators and trains: what more could a two year old want!

Hannah had her first day of school on Tuesday! She loved it, of course! We met her teacher last week and ever since, she has been bugging me about going to school.

First day of school last year! She has grown up so much in the last year! She looks like a preschooler now, not a toddler.
We head to Orlando next week for some fun with Mickey! This is our annual gathering with our agents and this year we are taking them on the Disney Cruise! We'll post as we can during the trip.

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  1. Hannah has gotten so big! I'm glad y'all are doing well, and your business seems to be doing well too :)


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