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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

People often ask us why take little ones to Walt Disney World before they can really remember anything. We reply that there is nothing like seeing the joy and amazement on their faces when they meet their favorite character or see the castle for the first time or take a spin on Dumbo. It is still real for them at this age, not make-believe or fantasy. Besides, it is as much fun for Mom and Dad to see her experience these things as it is for her.

Hannah loves Alice in Wonderland. We went to see Cousin Kayden as the March Hare in the play version about a month ago and Hannah has been obsessed ever since. We bought her the Alice dress the first day we were there and she wore it on three different occasions. (It might have been more, but it was beginning to smell!) We met Alice for the first time ever on this trip. Alice made a big deal about how they were dressed alike and Hannah just lit up. She was so excited to show her dress to Alice.

This is why we love taking our two year old to Walt Disney World.

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