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Friday, September 9, 2011

InstaFriday - Special Edition

life rearranged

What a crazy amazing week it has been!  The camera crew here this week to shoot the documentary was not the biggest highlight of the week (though it was an awesome experience!).  Here is what we have been thinking about this week (and the last twelve weeks!):

Tiny diapers...

Tiny clothes...

Tiny shoes...

Tiny Mickey ears...

Tiny arms and legs on our 12 week sonogram...

Because this sweet girl is finally going to be a big sister!

And she is even more excited because our sonogram
tech is 85% sure that it is going to be another girl!
(Which has been her request all along!)
We'll know for sure at our 20 week sonogram in November.

We cut one picture off of our strip of sonogram images for Hannah to keep with her.  She loves to show it off and told her baby dolls one day, "This is a picture of the best baby!"  She is always asking, "What week is it?" (Week 12) and, "What is the baby doing right now?"  Melts my heart!

We are all very excited!  We have been praying about adding to our little family for two years.  The doctor told us everything looks great!  We got to see the little one kicking and waving at us during the sonogram and heard the heartbeat.  Such an amazing experience!

This little one is due to make her debut on March 22.  Hannah's due date was March 17 and was born on March 6.  We love March babies!

We have a name picked out but we aren't going to announce it until we know for sure it is a girl!


  1. Congrats on your new blessing! We have 3 girls and LOVE it!

  2. That is one of the sweetest photos. Sonogram pics are some of the most precious.

  3. That is awesome!!!! So excited for your family!!!! Children are a blessing!!! We have been blessed x13!!!!

    Thanks for letting me look into your week!! I think yours has been the most exciting !!! :)

  4. So fun! Another miraculous blessing. I love that your Hannah and our Colter are so close in age and now our little ones will be, too. Thanks for sharing the news, Chet, so I could find your blog! Allison Lewis

  5. congrats! I LOVE babies! Hope you are feeling well!

  6. Love love love the sonogram pic. What a blessing! Happy InstaFriday!

  7. How exciting! Definitely one of the best instafridays for this week!

  8. Congratulations that is so exciting! Two sweet little girls! Happy Insta Friday to you :)


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