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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Life Today!

Chet's message of hope has touched so many lives and I am so proud that he is my husband!  God has opened so many doors that we never would have thought possible in the last few years (and wouldn't have been without His help).  Because of Chet's work with pregnancy centers in the pro-life community, he was selected to be one of the featured stories in the documentary, The Gift of Life.  

That documentary allowed Chet the opportunity for him to be interviewed on the Life Today! show with James Robison.  Mr. Robison was also featured in the documentary and, together with his wife, host the nationally syndicated talk show that happens to tape about thirty minutes from our home.  The video is a clip from his interview with the Robison's son for their social media publications.  We are excited to see what other doors God will open from this and pray that you are blessed from this message!


For Chet's message in the Life Today! emailerclick here.
For the station guide to watch the show in your areaclick here.
To watch online tomorrow (Thursday, May 10), click here.
For our blog post on The Gift of Life, click here.

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