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Friday, July 6, 2012

Walt Disney World in an Instant

Chet was invited to speak at the Spiritual Growth Workshop in Orlando this past weekend, and we can't be in Orlando without spending some time at Walt Disney World!  The conference was fantastic!  He did a great job as always, had a great response and we met many new friends!

Our week at Walt Disney World was probably our craziest trip ever thanks to Tropical Storm Debby.  One day it rained all day without stopping.  Two days it rained about every half hour, just enough time to run between rides.  We threw on our ponchos and kept going.  By the time the rain was gone, it was hot enough that we wished the rain back!  Despite the crazy weather, we had a great time, and were so glad that Nana (Chet's mom) was able to join us for our trip!

Because of the rain, I left my big camera in the room just about the entire trip and just relied on my phone's camera with Instagram and Disney's photographers.  It was almost refreshing to not have to worry about missing that shot!

Here is our vacation in an instant:

Sweet sisters.  The day we left for Florida and the night before we drove home.

We saw a lot of characters!  They like to hang out inside when it is raining.

Hannah being goofy and Olivia showing her sweet smile.

Had so much fun with Nana!

Hanging out with Pooh and friends.

We saw all of the princesses!  Hannah even got to meet Merida from the new DisneyPixar Movie, Brave.

We spent one day at Sea World.  Hannah told us over and over again, "This is awesome!"

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