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Friday, October 19, 2012

Seven Months

Miss Olivia is seven months old today!  This year is going so fast!  She has such a sweet and fun personality!  Her hair has grown a ton these last few weeks and is getting thick.  It is a dark, strawberry blonde color and I think she sometimes has the temper to go with it!  

Olivia is eating almost everything I give her.  Fruits, vegetables, oatmeal.  Her doctor said we can try her on meats soon, so we'll see how that goes.

Olivia wants to be on the move!  She is sitting on her own, rolling and scooting everywhere.  She recently started pulling up on her hands and knees.  Mostly she rocks back and forth, but sometimes those hands and knees move.

She is still a Mama's girl and is very selective about who she lets hold her.  We are definitely into the teething stage which means lots of drool(which causes the excema breakouts on her sweet face).  Love you, sweet girl!

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  1. That dress is awesome!!!! Love it soooo much. I am so sad about the excema on her face. BOTH of my boys have super sensitive skin (like mom), and they both had the worst cradle cap and excema I've ever seen!!! And I know it's hurt badly. :( I started putting Cetaphil on it 4-5 times a day and it helped. He screamed the first few times (sad, I know), because it was so dry, but after a day, it was better. Not gone, but better. Try it if you haven't. I wish someone had recommended it to me sooner.


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