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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ten Months

It is hard to believe that we will be celebrating Olivia's first birthday in just two months!  This year has flown by.  She grows and changes everyday.  Olivia is such a little ham.  She is always making silly faces and sounds especially if she knows it will make you laugh.  She loves her big sister and gets so excited when she sees her.  Of course, her first word is da-da and it isn't just babbling.  She purposely calls Chet, Da-Da, when she sees him.  She loves her Da-Da and tries to "escape" the living room multiple times a day to visit him in the office.  Hannah is trying so hard to get her to say her name, and, of course, Ma-Ma only comes out when she is mad.

Olivia is pulling up and beginning to walk along the furniture which means a new level of the house must be baby-proofed!  She loves to climb and can pull herself over small boxes and obstacles.  She is always on the move!  Putting her in the chair is the only way I could her to stay put for a few minutes!  Her new favorite game is taking a small ball, throwing it across the floor and chasing after it.

She still doesn't have any teeth but is currently cutting the four front ones!  Olivia has suddenly decided that she loves table food and is quite the little beggar.  She would much rather have what is on someone else's plate than her own and isn't afraid to go after it if it is within reach.

Such a sweet, precious girl!

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