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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fourteen Days

Fourteen days on a ship is a long time. Especially when the ship doesn't dock anywhere for six days. Thankfully there was plenty to keep us busy!

Tea Party with the Princesses (after three hours in the pool!)

An Olivia sized splash pad

A Character breakfast with Mickey and friends

Walking the Promenade 
(Olivia was walking some when we left for our trip, but, by the end of it, she was running everywhere. She also figured out how to climb stairs, push buttons in the elevator, and look just cute enough that our server brought her a bowl full of marshmallows for dessert every night. And, yes, she ate every single one!)

Porthole windows are so much fun to hang out in!

Hannah spent her cruise either in the pool or in the Oceaneer Club (just for kids). She made several friends. One night, she had a sleepover in the kids' club. She spent the whole night camping out with the counselors and other kids. They had a dance party with Stitch, played with Chip and Dale, and Goofy came to tell them "Goodnight."

Olivia also learned how much fun Dad's wheelchair can really be!

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