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Thursday, August 1, 2013

We're Moving!

But without packing boxes! We are moving virtually. I will no longer be posting on this blog, but instead at Discovering Our Normal.

I am often told that I should get up and tell my story. Since my introverted self will not ever do that, I thought that I would tell a little more of our story through a blog. I know that I do some already here, but I am hoping to add a little more anonymity (as much as I can with a public inspirational speaker for a husband) as well as a bit more substance than just a blog with photos of our travels.

We chose the name, Discovering our Normal, because we were told once that it wasn't normal to go to Walt Disney World as much as we do. Yes, it may not be normal for other families, but it is completely normal for us. As I get older, I have realized how important it is for each of to discover what normal means to us individually and as a family and not to base it on society's standards.

Discovering our Normal will be an extension, of sorts, to the ministry that Chet already does with his speaking. Our new blog will still feature highlights from our trips. I will also talk about our homeschooling adventures, how we deal with Celiac disease (no gluten), and the normal joys and challenges that we face every day as well as the ones that may surprise us. It will be real. It will be us. The good, not so good, and the just plain ugly. I pray that our story will inspire, uplift, and help people know that they aren't alone. I am excited to have an outlet for me to express my thoughts and to share what I love.

Thank you so much for sticking with us! We have had this blog for six years and are excited about the new one. Please join us as we make this transition.

You can find us at:

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