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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Didn't We Just Leave?

Well, we got Hannah & Joni home on Sun night, and all was going well. Then on Mon. afternoon, Joni began to have sharp shooting pains in her right abdomen. The surgeon has removed her gall bladder (it was infected) and appendix ("just for good measure" according to the surgeon), and they also cleaned out a belly full of bacteria from a perforated bowel. She is in ICU recovering very well. She called this morning asking for a book and some other things. She said they have her up out bed and in a chair this morning and she feels great. We will be spending at least a week in the hospital for the doctors to make sure that the bacteria is gone from her system. I will try to keep the blog updated more often. Thanks for all of the offers to the moment, we are well taken care of. I will let you know if we need anything!


  1. Hey guys,
    There are so many, many prayers ascending up to our Heavenly Father - know that you are being lifted up constantly and that God is holding you in the hollow of His Almighty Hand! We know that's all we can do for now, but we also know that's enough.

    We love you!
    Aunt Sara

  2. Hey Joni and fam...Christa has been updating us on your situation and I have been so concerned about you! Glad to hear a positive report! You guys will continue to be in our prayers during the next few days for a quick and full recovery! Love ya!

  3. Hannah's pictures are so sweet and I love her name! Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you guys. Jennifer is keeping me updated.

  4. You guys are truly being lifted up to god often. I have put you on the prayer chain at the Central church and I know others have at their churches. Take care and trust in the great physician who is guiding the Dr.'s taking care of Joni.
    We love you
    Aunt Jane

  5. Chet and Joni,
    Awwwww, she is sooo precious! We are all so excited for both of you and excited for her to have you two as her parents. Wow, Chet, YOUR A DAD!!!! Gosh, this is just AWESOME!!!! You have all you need to get to heaven and also bring a little bit of heaven here on earth! We just can not begin to tell you how THRILLED we are. We LOVE all 3 of you and we pray that God will continue to BLESS you!!!
    Love, Joe, Cindy, Joey, Christy & Matt.

  6. Hannah is beautiful!!!! Sorry to hear about Joni, but glad to hear she is better today. We have you in our prayers.

  7. Chet & Joni,

    Please know that friends from near and far are praying for a speedy recovery for Joni.


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