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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hannah's First Taste of Disney World

Well, we made an early flight this morning, and Hannah has gotten her first taste of Walt Disney World. Here is a video we took in Downtown Disney of how much fun she is having.

We are all exhausted, and heading to bed as soon as we can. Tomorrow, we visit Magic Kingdom and we eat with Pooh Bear and friends. Hannah's favorite stuffed toy is a Piglet doll from the Pooh Bear stories. We can't wait to see her reaction to "the real thing."


  1. I just love babies cute!

  2. Her laugh is so cute! Love it! Have a blast. We are so jealous...

  3. Ok, so basically we should just have the belly laughter of babies pumped throughout all airwaves during rush hour. The accidents would go down because people would be in a better mood after all of that 'delicious' mirth! HEY! We all said the same thing. It's weird.


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