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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Please Daddy

We had a great time in Epcot yesterday during the day. We rode Spaceship Earth, and Hannah sat between Mom and Dad like a big girl. She was amazed by all of the colors and lights, and even fell asleep near the end because she was so relaxed. We went to see the Voices of Liberty (an amazing a cappella group), and many of them commented on how focused she was while they sang. While in Epcot, we found a Minnie Mouse that was bigger than Hannah. She decided he needed a kiss.

We then headed to Magic Kingdom to catch the parade again since she enjoyed it so much the first time. We rode the monorail, and the normal spiel announced that we were to hold onto the handrails if standing. Hannah followed directions:

While we were in a store at Magic Kingdom, Joni pulled a Tinkerbell doll down for Hannah and showed it to her. Hannah started laughing loudly and reached for the doll. Joni handed it to her, and she immediately cluched it to her chest. Joni told her she had to "ask Daddy." I leaned down next to her, and she reached up with both hands and grabbed my face. She stuck out her bottom lip and cooed. I decided then and there that I'm in trouble...she already knows how to "play" me at 6 months old. Did she get her way? I'll let the picture say it all.

We watched Spectromagic, and again, Hannah was enthralled. You can't see in the picture, but Mr. Smee (with lights all over his costume) is standing right in front Hannah dancing around.

We're headed to Magic Kingdom today and staying for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party tonight, where Hannah will be dressed like Tinkerbell. Watch out Peter Pan, here we come!

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  1. Y'all look like you're having so much fun! Now I want to go to Disney World :)


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