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Saturday, February 26, 2011


We love counting down the days to big events and vacations at our house.  The anticipation and planning is almost as exciting as the event and vacation itself.  We've always done digital countdowns on our computers but Hannah is old enough now that I thought it would be fun for her to be able to help "mark" the days off.  Plus it is a great way for her learn her numbers!

We actually have two countdowns right now.  The first is that this sweet girl is going to be three next week!  Birthdays are a big deal for her right now.  We talk often about when all of the family birthdays are and she has been able to tell us her birthday is March 6 for several months now.

To help her know when March 6 is, I came up with this easy countdown.  Every day we take off one clothespin, count the pins, and write the new number.

Our other countdown is for our next Disney Cruise.  We are heading in a few weeks to Los Angeles to cruise the Mexican Riviera and for a couple of days in Disneyland.  We are excited about this trip because it has no "business meetings" and is all fun.  We are also really excited because Mamaw and Granddad (my parents) are coming with us this time!

I had so much fun making this countdown.  It is a mini-muffin tin with magnetic circles.  Every morning, Hannah takes off one circle to reveal a little treat like a few M&M's or mini-Vanilla wafers.  As she gets older, I plan to include clues about our upcoming vacation like the resort we are staying at, if we are going on a cruise, etc.

Hannah loves taking off one circle!  She jumps out of the bed in the morning and runs to it first thing.  Sometimes the promise of taking off a circle is the only thing to get her out of bed in the mornings.  I also made Christmas circles to use as our advent calendar.

We have a big week coming up!  We are heading to Oklahoma Christian for Spring Sing to watch my sister in the Freshman Show.  Their theme is Blue's Clues. I am also excited that my Gamma girls chose Minnie Mouse this year for their theme.  So appropriate!

Our girl is also turning three.  For her birthday, my mom is taking Hannah (and me, too!) to the American Girl Store in Dallas.  More on that soon!


  1. Wow! Those are amazing ideas! We are actually going to try to keep this next trip a secret. If not, I may have to give the countdown a try!

  2. I love your countdown ideas! Do you have a similiar countdown for Christmas & Birthdays? Gonna have to remember these ideas for when I have Grandkids! Terri


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