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Monday, February 7, 2011

Tell Flynn Rider to "Go Away!"

Hannah loves Disney's newest princess, Rapunzel, from their new movie, Tangled.  She has the dress, several Rapunzel dolls, coloring books, and soon we will have the movie.  So, of course, we needed to meet Rapunzel while we were in Walt Disney World.

The Rapunzel Meet and Greet area is really cute!  Several families are let in to the area at a time.  While you are waiting for Rapunzel to come, the children are invited to a large table in the middle where they can color a picture.  Then Rapunzel comes out with Flynn Rider and they dance around the table with the children.  Then it is time to meet Rapunzel and Flynn!

Hannah has a thing about meeting the princes and other boys.  She won't go near a princess if her prince is with her.  She won't talk to Aladdin, Peter Pan or the Mad Hatter.  Hannah so wanted badly wanted to meet Rapunzel until she realized that Flynn Rider would be there with her.  After waiting for over an hour to see her, we wanted to this to go smoothly (and she was wearing her Rapunzel dress!).  Thankfully, the cast members understood and had Flynn hide behind a gate when it was Hannah's turn.  Hannah had her eyes closed until we told her that he was gone.  She opened her eyes and ran to Rapunzel!

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