The everyday little things that make our life perfect.

Friday, July 8, 2011


Most weeks, I end up taking more pictures with my iPhone camera than I do with my nice (yet big and heavy) camera.  I recently downloaded the Instagram app, a photo tool on the phone that takes the photos in a square format and applies fun filters to them (they look like old Polaroids).  The pictures aren't the best, but it is more about the content than the quality of the photo.  It is just a fun and quirky way to share the little things in life that make our life perfect.

I got the idea for InstaFriday from another blog that I follow occassionally, Life Rearranged.  It is a silly way to document the everyday moments and share what we’ve been up to (and a great way to keep the blog updated a little more than once or twice or month!)

life rearranged

Here's what we've been up to this week...

Swimming with cousins on July 4
followed by fireworks from our driveway.

These girls are just precious together.  Best friends.

Love shopping with this girl.  She collects her "favorites"
up with her and always needs her purse. 

We have been cleaning, organizing, and decorating
during our quiet, stay-at-home summer.
The most recent project: Hannah's office. Cost: >$20

Made from an old desk, other pieces from around the
house and a few things from the dollar store.
(I'll post better pictures later.)

Hannah loves her mini travel-agency.
It is in our office so she can "work" while we are working.
You should hear the phone conversations she has with Mickey!

Hannah has ended the week with the croup.
Not a fun way to end the week.
Her annual check-up was scheduled for this morning anyways.

We have been preparing her all week for the visit to the doctor.
Since she was so brave and did so great at the doctor,
we headed to Target (as promised) to pick a new baby.

Of course, she isn't feeling too bad since
she is dancing to the music in the aisles.  :)

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