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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


This Summer is one of those rare times where we are actually home for several months in a row.  I took advantage of the slow pace to clean out, reorganize, and redecorate some things around the house.  Here are a few of my projects from this summer.

This one happened more out of necessity.  Ants invaded our pantry, so I needed to take everything out to clean and figure out where they were coming in.  While it was empty, I painted the walls with some leftover paint from the living room (tan), put in new shelf liners, and lined the front of the shelves with a bright, blue ribbon.  I love how much cleaner the pantry feels now.

In February, I painted our formerly red kitchen a spice green.  The paint color is called Basil which I thought was fitting for a kitchen!  :)  I liked the red, but it was a lot brighter than I intended it to be and needed some help.

This is my favorite part of the kitchen.  Each of the little frames contains our family "rules."  They all center around being thankful, using good manners, to be beautiful on the inside, reminders to encourage and love one another, reminders to create, dream, and imagine, and to always keep God as the center of our family.  The rules just aren't for Hannah, but our reminders for everyone in our family.  Her timeout chair is under this.  (You should be able to click on the picture to make it bigger so you can read them.)

Our entry way needed some help.  It was very bare and bland.  Basically an afterthought.  I painted it the same green as the kitchen because they are connected.  I added the large mirror to help add some light and space to the area.  The bench is made from an old coffee table.  The black sign is my Subway Art.  Originally a Pottery Barn knockoff, several versions have since popped up across the craft and decorating blog world.  I made ours reflect some of our favorite Disney places.  This area is right across from our office.

This little mouse kept popping in my pictures today!

We were so grateful to my cousin to letting us borrow her nice coffee table, side table, and sofa table.  Since she has her own house now, she was ready to use them again.  That meant rearranging our own furniture.  I needed an area where I could sew and work on crafts so it isn't taking over our kitchen table.  

The sewing table belonged to my grandmother, who taught me to sew.  I cleaned it up a bit, added new hardware and removed a couple of doors that were falling off.  Now it works for me to use as my sewing table!  This area is just off the living room so I can work while Hannah is playing.

The sweet little mouse appeared again!

This is part of the furniture rearrangement.  Hannah received her art easel for Christmas and now it is between the dining room and living room.  I love displaying kids' art but I am not a big fan of clutter on the refrigerator.  I found this great idea to take empty frames one day while browsing Pinterest (If you love saving pictures and ideas from the internet, you should definitely check it out!)  Hannah loves having her art on the wall and I love how much color it has added to this corner of the room.

Last November, I redecorated Hannah's room, but I was never thrilled with the light fixture.  It was the old globe that came with the house and was dark and dingy.  I made this out of quilting hoops and ribbon after seeing a similar one on another website.  (Don't worry, the ribbon doesn't come close to the lightbulbs!) 

One more of my sweet little mouse.

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