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Friday, August 19, 2011

Under the Sea

Last Friday, we headed up to Wichita, Kansas.  Disney recently closed its run of Disney's The Little Mermaid on Broadway.  We were so disappointed to hear that since we saw the show in Denver about four years ago when it was being previewed prior to opening in New York.  We loved it then and couldn't wait to see it again!

We found out that Disney was doing a couple of regional tests of the show to see if it would fare well as a National Tour and one was being done in Wichita.  Not only was it just five hours away, but this particular theater was putting on one performance where three and four year olds could attend.  And the theater is attached to a Grand Hyatt that gives us super rates as travel agents.  How could we not go?

We had a great weekend!  Hannah loved the show.  We knew she would.  Not only does she love Ariel, but she is already a huge musical theater fan.  She was so blown away that a little kid played the part of Flounder and went around singing, "She's in love" (song written for the musical) for the rest of the afternoon.

We made it an all-Ariel weekend... Ariel pajamas, Ariel doll, Ariel backpack, etc.

These pics are from the theater's page...
Hannah thought it was so funny that the jellyfish looked liked umbrellas.

"Kiss the Girl"

Ariel and Scuttle

Hannah decided that we needed to order ice cream from room service.
(I think she may have had some help from Daddy!)

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