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Friday, January 6, 2012

Olivia Kate

We got to see Ms. Olivia yesterday on a 3D/4D sonogram.  What an amazing experience to be able to see her sweet little face!  She was a bit camera shy for some of it, covering her face with her hands but she warmed up and gave us some great pictures.  

She looks a bit like Hannah with her cute little nose and other facial features.  However, if you ask Hannah who she looks like, she responds with, "She looks like Olivia Kate!"  Hmmm, I think we said the same thing about her when she was born!

She is already on track to be off the growth charts just like her big sister.  I am currently 29 weeks and she is measuring a few weeks ahead of schedule in her height and weight!  The Sneed genes are kicking in!

Already sucking her thumb!
Isn't technology amazing!?  More importantly, isn't our Creator amazing!?

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  1. LOVE these pictures. It is such an amazing experience to carry a baby! Can't wait to meet this sweet girl!


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