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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Catching up!

Oops!  I didn't realize I had missed so many days!  The last few days have been a bit crazy.  We hit the ground running on Friday afternoon and haven't really stopped until this afternoon.  Chet headed to Georgia with his dad this weekend to speak at a congregation there.  They had a great time and received a wonderful response.

While he was away, Hannah and I cleaned out her closet and went shopping for new clothes.  I think she outgrew everything in her closet overnight!  She is my little shopping buddy.  Hannah loves trying on and buying new clothes.  She is now set for at least the next few months!  We also spent some time with my family, enjoying a few meals together, going to church with my parents, and then more shopping (this time for Olivia).  We all had a great weekend and are glad to have Chet back home with us.

We are excited to have a little downtime until Ms. Olivia's arrival.  She will be here on March 19 (also our wedding anniversary) unless she decides she wants to come earlier.  The nursery is almost finished and I will post pictures soon.  We will also be celebrating Hannah's fourth birthday in a few weeks!

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