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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dinosaurs and Cows

We headed to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and Natural History this week.  It was Hannah's first time there and our first visit in several years.  We had a great time!  We love how interactive most of the exhibits are and that there is an entire Children's Museum inside just for kids under eight.

This is an exhibit on how different designs fly, 
but it was definitely just as much fun to see 
how high we could make the coffee filters fly!

After riding a mechanical horse to corral the cows, 
we got to see how cowboys used to drive their cows to market.
Hannah was very excited to learn that her great-Grandpa 
was a cowboy and did many of the things that we learned about!

How fun is this giant Operation game?!  
This is part of a traveling exhibit called Grossology 
that is all about how stuff works inside your body.

One of Hannah's favorite parts in the Children's Museum!  
She loved loading up her cart of groceries and then checking out.

It was too hot to really check out the water play area and we didn't even make it out to the Dino Dig!  We can't wait to get back to check those out and play again!

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