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Friday, September 14, 2012

InstaFriday- "B Week"

We didn't do as many "B" activities this week since Hannah started both school and gymnastics.  It has been a great week, even the weather is finally getting better!  Hannah loved gymnastics and had a great first week at school.  Chet is on his way home from his first speaking engagement of the season, which was fantastic as always!  Here is what else we have been up to this week:

The blur in the middle is Hannah jumping across the trampoline in gymnastics.
Gymnastics is such a great way to burn some energy!

 Showing off our "B" word list.
We add to it all week long.
Hannah loves finding words to add to it!
This week we ate bananas, made bumble bee "B's," 
she started school in the Butterfly class, and saw the bears at the zoo.

And this sweet baby started holding her own bottle!

Having a conversation with the penguin at the zoo.

Precious girls!

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