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Monday, November 26, 2012

Eight Months

Taking our monthly growth picture this month was not an easy task!  Between getting home from our trip, laundry, colds, and Thanksgiving, we had to find a time to squeeze it in before she turned nine months.  Of course, once the chalkboard and everything was set up, Olivia thought it was much more fun to sit until the camera was ready, and then take off towards the camera.  So we managed to get a couple pictures to mark this month and we'll try again next month!

Olivia is definitely crawling now.  She started crawling on our cruise and would go a few steps at a time.  She really took off last Monday, crawling fast and all the way across the room.  She loves to climb over any one who is sitting in the floor.

She is teething but none have pushed through just yet.  We started her on some table foods such as Cheerios and small pieces of bread.  She is still not too sure about them just yet and makes very funny faces!

Olivia has quite the personality and loves to make silly faces.  She has the sweetest grin, but will let you know (loudly!) when she is unhappy about something!

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