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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Longest Disney Trip Yet...

Twenty one days away from home.  Some of those days were driving days, but it is now our record for our longest Disney vacation yet.  Part of it was vacation and part of it was our annual meeting for Off to Neverland Travel.  Both parts were fantastic!

We started our trip off with a cruise on Disney Cruise Line's newest ship, the Disney Fantasy.  Seven days unplugged from the world and the agency.  No email, no phones... it was definitely a needed vacation.  So much of our time away is not really "away".  Our phones make it possible for us to travel the way that we do and still be connected to the agency and other obligations.  However, that blessing can also be a hinderance to much needed time away as family and from the stress of the world.  The cruise forces us to do just that!

We arrived in Orlando a night early to trick-or-treat at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party with two little Tinker Bell's.

It has become a tradition to eat with Mickey, Pluto, Lilo & Stitch at Disney's Polynesian Resort, the morning we head out on a cruise.

We always have a blast exploring the ship on the first day!

Olivia spent much of the trip in her Ergo Carrier, especially on the ship since we didn't take a stroller. I snapped this picture in the elevator mirror since it is a little difficult to take pictures of her when she is on my hip!

We spent a lot of time relaxing on our verandah.

And helped Mickey and Kermit solve mysteries on the ship with the Midship Detective Agency.  This is Pepe's (the King Prawn from the Muppets) room on the ship.

Sweet girls before dinner one night.

We also got to dress up for Halloween along with all of the characters!  
Both girls were Rapunzel on Halloween night.

Strategizing with Peter Pan on Pirate Night.

More pictures to come!

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