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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Five Years Old

Wow! Five years old. That makes her sound so old! Here are some things I want to remember about our big five year old:

Hannah is Miss Independent! She is all about doing things herself and, even more so, doing it her way. This week, we had to work on that even five year olds still have to listen to their mom and dad. She decided to test out, "But, I'm five," when she was corrected. Of course, she will do anything to help out others. She loves helping around the house and we even created a chore chart so she can see what needs to be done, but still do them in her own time. Her favorite things are dusting and sweeping. She gets so excited when they pop up on the board.

Hannah is very excited to be starting Kindergarten in the fall. She is even more excited that we will still get to travel and see the world since we have decided to homeschool (more on that big decision later). Hannah is always very eager to learn. She is already reading and writing basic words (and some not so basic). She loves to skip count, spell, and is very inquisitive about the world around her. Hannah started gymnastics this year and is doing very well. I love to watch how proud she is when she finally accomplishes a specific trick. She can't wait to try new things and is already asking about learning to play piano and take ballet.

Hannah loves to travel and can't wait for our next big adventure, no matter where it takes us. She gets stir crazy just like we do. She loves meeting new people, exploring new places, and just taking it all in. She rarely meets a stranger and will talk to anybody about almost anything! Her favorite, of course, is still, Walt Disney World or any of the Disney Destinations. She is finally getting a little braver and will try some of the bigger rides like Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain, but they are still not really her favorite.

Hannah still loves music and sings all day! She makes up songs about what she is currently doing even if she is just picking up her toys. When she sings actual songs, she does very well at matching the note progression and can even sing on pitch at times. Her music selection on her iPod randomly shuffles daily between Disney classics, contemporary Christian, (clean) pop music, and Broadway soundtracks. She definitely has a talent and we can't wait to see where it takes her in the future!

When she grows up, Hannah wants to be a ballerina and a cowgirl.

Hannah is a terrific big sister and loves Olivia so much! My favorite sound is to hear the girls laughing together. Olivia loves her big sister and is so excited when she sees her. Hannah likes to help Olivia practice walking and they have so much fun playing together. 

Hannah has a very active imagination. She loves playing "Doc McStuffins" with her stuffed animals complete with stethoscope and white coat, coming up with various "ailments" that she needs to fix. She acts out entire plays with her toys. There is rarely a day where she isn't dressed up in some sort of costume. The question, "what if..." comes up a lot in our house!

Hannah is a very affectionate, loving person. She loves her family and friends! She is very passionate about everything and everyone around her. Everything right now is "the best ever!" 

Happy Birthday, sweet girl! We love you so much!

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