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Monday, March 18, 2013

Party Time!

What an exciting weekend! We celebrated Hannah's fifth birthday and Olivia's first!
We had such a great time celebrating with our families.

We are very proud of Hannah. We were talking in the car one day about how we are so blessed to have all that we do. After talking a bit, I brought up the idea of not asking for presents for her birthday. Instead, we asked our family to help us buy goats for families in the Philippines. She questioned it at first as you might expect a five year old to do, but the more we talked, the more excited she became to help others. We raised enough money to buy three goats! She and her dad sat down yesterday and "ordered" them. 

Hannah picked the theme, Sofia the First, Disney's newest little princess. Everything was pink and purple, even the rented bounce house Mamaw and Granddad surprised her with that morning. We were blessed to have such a beautiful day to celebrate in my parents' backyard. 

Fun in the bounce house... Hannah convinced Uncle Jonathan and Granddad to join her!

Nana and Olivia

We even had a little ball pit for the babies!

 The wind was a little crazy but we did finally get the candles to light. Hannah still won't let anyone sing "Happy Birthday" to her, but we did get to sing to Olivia.

The princess in her throne.

She loved her cupcake and kept it smushed against her chest so no one would take it!
She devoured every bit of it!

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