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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Road Trip

We head out tomorrow for Tennesse! We will be gone for a couple of weeks this time. Chet and his dad are speaking at Lipscomb's Summer Celebration and at several different churches. After we finish up there, we'll head to Kansas City where Chet will speak at a children's hospital to a group of kids who have diagnosed with various things that will affect them for the rest of their lives.

We are excited about all of the opportunities and getting to spend time with Chet's family, as well as a few good friends. We'll try to blog some while we are gone. Be sure to check Chet's blog for even more information!

Here's a few picture from the week:
Hannah has recently decided she likes spending time in her room alone sometimes (she gets that from me). I often find her quietly reading her books in her rocking chair. We did some rearranging yesterday and moved her tent in her room along with a few toys.
About every other day, Hannah decides she doesn't like her vegetables (she gets that from her dad!). Other days, she can't get enough (yes, they are the same ones she wouldn't touch the day before). Yesterday, she decided that Radar needed to eat her vegetables. Normally, she is in her booster seat and Radar is banned from the kitchen during dinner, but our table is covered with stuff for our trip so we had a picnic last night.
Future Vet? She likes to examine Radar's feet.


  1. Joni, Hannah is so adorable!! I LOVE the first pic of her reading! So so cute!
    You guys be careful on your travels! Hope to see you again before long!

  2. "I often find her quietly reading her books in her rocking chair."

    I'll try not to hate you. Ha! Kidding. But seriously, what is this "quietly" thing you speak of?

  3. Wow! What a good dog! And I can't believe she sits quietly alone in her room. Amazing. I'd ask you to send some of that to me, but since we have a BOY, that probably won't happen.


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