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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What an exciting day!

We've had an exciting day! We had a great morning at our friends, Christa, Mason, and Brayden's house playing outside and in the water. Hannah had a blast keeping up with the five boys (Christa's two boys plus three nephews) and didn't seem to mind a bit that she was the only girl. Of course, Christa and I both forgot to take any pictures of the day.

After saying goodbye and blowing kisses to Brayden, Hannah came home to take a three hour nap! (This was exciting for Mom!) Shortly after dinner, the four of us sat in the bathroom waiting for the storm to pass reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (Hannah's favorite story). A tornado was spotted just to the north of us! The storm passed quickly, and the day ended with a beautiful sunset and a rainbow. What a fun, crazy, wonderful day it has been, but I do think it is time for bed!

Just some sweet pics of our girl in her pj's and pigtails.


  1. So Cute! Karli has these same PJS in her size and is also wearing them tonight! :o) Glad you had fun with Christa today! I wish I could see pics of all of them together! :o) Glad you were safe from the storm! That is scary when it is that close to you! So I'm glad God was watching over you!

  2. Marissa has those pjs and wore them last night i think...she is at her aunts. so cute.


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