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Friday, December 7, 2012

Kicking off the Christmas Season

Christmas is in full swing!  We put up our tree a few days after Thanksgiving and have been having fun ever since!  Hannah loves decorating the tree each year, placing the ornaments in the perfect spot.  Chet received the monorail set last year for Christmas and we couldn't wait to have it circle the tree this year!

As you would guess, our tree is mostly Disney ornaments.  Every year we pick one new ornament together on our Disney trip closest to Christmas.  Some years the ornament celebrates a big milestone like a new baby and other years, we just find one that we really like for the year.

Our elf, Buddy, is back!  We are taking a new approach this year.  Instead of Buddy reporting to Santa each night if Hannah is naughty or nice, Buddy is the one making bad choices.  Hannah has to help him learn to make good choices by being a good example and helping him clean up any messes he makes in the morning.  Santa will still deliver presents to her on Christmas morning, not because she has been good, but because he loves her.

We are taking this approach to help Hannah learn about grace and unconditional love.  It also helps enforce being good, not just to get presents, but because that is how Santa (and Jesus) would want her to act.

Buddy has already been in quite a bit of mischief with zip lining across the dining room, making a snack of all sugary treats, and climbing in all sorts of crazy places.

We started our Christmas Advent Calendar again.  Each day reveals an activity to do that day that has to do with Christmas.  Some days it is pure fun like building a gingerbread castle, painting a Christmas tree, or watching Christmas lights.  Other days, we are more service oriented like buying food for our church's food pantry, donating old toys, buying a new toy for Toys for Tots, etc.  We are definitely having a blast and it is only a week into December!

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  1. Your tree is beautiful!!! We also collect an ornament on each family vacation and it makes decorating the tree so fun!!! We don't have an elf, but I love that idea. That's awesome. You're such smart parents!


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