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Thursday, December 20, 2012

More Christmas Fun

Christmas is less than a week a way!  This month has gone by so fast!  In some ways, I am ready for it to be here, and in other ways, I could use a few more weeks.  We have been having fun each day celebrating the season.  One day, Hannah took a list of items from our church's food pantry and went shopping for others.

Hannah has also asked multiple times when it is going to snow.  Unfortunately, living where we do that most likely isn't going to happen!  So, we had a snowball fight with giant campfire marshmallows!

Hannah also had her class Christmas party and program at school last week.  She did a great job at the performance.  Definitely a ham dancing and singing! She has come a long ways since she cried if she saw us from the stage.

Yesterday, we met some friends at the Gaylord Hotel to walk through the ICE! Exhibit.  It was a lot of fun and freezing!  The room is kept at 9 degrees.  Thankfully, the provide the big blue parkas since we aren't really prepared for that kind of weather!  

Hannah loved the exhibit since it was themed to the Madagascar movies and loved the big ice slides.  Olivia thought it was great, too!  She spent the entire time snuggled against my chest in her Ergo carrier with the parka wrapped around us both.  She was so cozy and warm that she took a nap!

We also purchased the pass for Hannah to go sledding down the snow hills.  The picture is a bit blurry since I was using my phone that day.  Hannah is on the end.  She sledded ten times, each time with a big grin on her face!

After ICE!, we headed over to Rainforest Cafe to eat with our friends.  Such a great day!

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