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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nine Months

Little Livi-Lu turned nine months old this week!  She has grown a ton this month and thinks she is as big as her sister!  Her face is beginning to look more like a toddler than an infant although she still doesn't have any teeth.  Hannah was about the same age when she got her first tooth so I am not too concerned.

Within a few days of crawling, she decided that wasn't enough and started pulling up.  She is everywhere and into everything.  She loves to explore and hide under our kitchen table.  Olivia loves to chase after our robot vacuum, but isn't too thrilled when it bumps into her.  

Olivia has decided that she is much too busy to take naps during the day.  Most days, she'll only sleep for no more than an hour.  She is generally calm and easy going until she gets hungry or sleepy.  She is still very much a Mama's girl, but is doing much better at entertaining herself at home and not needing to be held all day.  Olivia is finally at an age where she and Hannah can entertain each other for awhile!

We are excited about her first Christmas next week!

This expression reminds me so much of her big sister!


  1. Oh Joni she is just so precious! I will say that you got the short end of the stick on the no nap deal, at only 9 months that is just not right:)

  2. We went through the whole nap thing with BOTH boys. Brody napped about 45 minutes for probably months 6-12. It was sooo painful. I feel your pain. And then he was tired and cranky but we couldn't get him to sleep more. Thankfully, he now sleeps about 1hr, 45 minutes now. That's not much for most kids, but it's so much better than it was!!!! ;)


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