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Monday, March 23, 2009

And the craziness begins...

These next few months are going to be busy for us!  I think we will be on the road just about as much as we will be home.  This week we are headed to Tulsa, Oklahoma for the Tulsa Workshop.  Chet is going to get to sing a special song on Thursday night during the evening worship.  It is actually one that Hessed recorded several years ago, Heal Me.  On the way to Tulsa, we are making a stop in Norman where Chet and his dad will present their story to the Alameda Church of Christ (Wed. night).  Saturday evening, we head to Bentonville, Arkansas to speak at two different churches on Sunday.  We will also be blessed to be able to see many family members on this trip.  

Although, these next few months will be busy, we are so excited about all of the opportunities that have opened up for Chet and his dad to share their story with so many people.  Be sure to check out his site for more. (

Since I probably won't be able to blog until we get back,
here are just some fun pictures of our sweet girl from today:

She found my hat and wanted me to help her put it on.  
She won't leave her hats on, but decides she wants mine on her head!

Hannah enjoying one of her birthday presents.  It is basically a high tech rocking horse.  When she bounces on it, the animation on the TV screen reacts teaching her different words, numbers, and her ABC's.  She loves it!
This girl loves to read!
Hannah loves her Radar!
Time to tackle Daddy!
Hannah's newest favorite pose:


  1. Hey Joni! I hope I get to see you at the workshop. Are you just going to be there Thursday? I think Lisa Bialon is coming Friday and/or Saturday.

  2. Hey from me! Nichole beat me to it! I was just about to comment about the same thing! We are going to be there Friday and Sat. so I would love to see you while we're there! Is Thursday the only time Chet is singing? We will probably be there starting Friday afternoon through Sat. afternoon. Anyway, you probably have my cell number still...if not..send me an email and I will send it to you. You can call me anytime if there's a good time to meet and we can figure out if there's some way to meet somewhere! Hope to see you soon!


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