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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hannah in the Snow

We are in Bentonville, Arkansas right now trying to stay warm! It has snowed almost all day in Tulsa, where we were for the Workshop. I think there was at least six inches piled up on the van when we got ready to head this way around 3:00. It wasn't a bad drive. It is mostly slush on the roads and we drove out of the storm within an hour out of Tulsa.

Hannah was just in awe. She hasn't "seen" snow since the day she was born. Everytime we walked by the windows, she would exclaim, "Oh!" or "Was Dat? (What's That?)" Since I wasn't really prepared for snow, she only got to play in it for a minute as we were loading the car. She loved it!

This trip has already been incredible! Chet and his dad will speak to two different congregations tomorrow here in Bentonville. Chet did an awesome job with his special song, of course. He has been on cloud nine ever since. Tomorrow he gets to sing with Free Indeed, so he may jump up a few more clouds! There is much more to tell, but the laptop is about to die and the power cable is outside in the van! God Bless!


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