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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Just One More Character... Please!

We've had a blast these last few days! We spent yesterday at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Unfortunately, we didn't realize that it was ESPN Weekend there yesterday, but we still had a great day despite the crowds! There were several big sports stars there (and a lot of crazy sports nuts!). We got to see some big names like Scottie Pippen, Brett Favre, and even the Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson.
We were also able to see the new American Idol Experience. It was a lot of fun! Hannah LOVED it! She clapped through the entire show, laughing and dancing.

Hannah enjoying Playhouse Disney, Live on Stage

Watching Block Party Bash, as you can see, she loved it!
Today, we started the day with breakfast with Minnie, Goofy, and Donald. They were all decked out in their beach wear. Minnie even came by with a cupcake to celebrate Hannah's birthday. We didn't eat it this time, it was a little too early in the day for chocolate!

Hannah eagerly waiting for Minnie to come see her. Hannah was so excited to see everyone.
She has started clapping above her head when she is really excited! Goofy was pretending to drink Hannah's juice. She was not too sure about that! After so much excitement at breakfast, Hannah couldn't even keep her eyes open at lunch! She fell asleep in her highchair on the table. After lunch (and her nap!) we headed to Toon Town to visit Minnie Mouse's house.
We also got to see Minnie along with Mickey inside the Judge's tent. Hannah was so excited to see them! Since she is walking now, she grabs my hand and pulls as hard as she can to get to them!

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